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Gurkha Corner Restaurant
12 Glanmorgan Street, LD37DW, Brecon
Phone: 01874610871, Email:


The Gurkhas are world famous soldiers, highly prized in the British Army and known for their bravery and courage. They come from the mountainous country of Nepal which nestles in the Himalayas, bordering Tibet in the north and India on its southern foothills.

The heart of a Nepali meal is “daal bhat” (rice and lentils) and “achar” (chutney) with other main dishes thus achieving the ultimate meal. Gurkha Corner Restaurant presents a gastronomic experience, which is prepared with great care and has no room for short cut methods.

Customer Review

The food was so fresh, spicy and tasty! If you like a bit of spice this can't be missed, but if you're going at the weekend make sure you book as you might not get in. CazzaJH, Tripadvisor


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